Static Lagoon is a videogame powered by RestBox: the world's first cushioned entertainment system. It engages with active and passive experiences through the gestures of standing and sitting, and focuses on the use of failure as an opportunity to learn.

Videogame, game controller. 2014.

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Static Lagoon is a videogame powered by Restbox: a cushioned game controller that enables a player to play by sitting and standing. Static Lagoon loops through six chapters. Several windows of opportunity to break out of the loop are shown to players along the way, of which only one leads to victory and the rest set them one chapter behind. These windows frame situations that distract players from their current path. Players must decide to take or ignore these windows within a limited timeframe.

Promotional video for the project. Background music by Aditya Dutta.

The Restbox allows the player to experience active and passive situations by standing and sitting respectively. Static Lagoon structures these experiences into an interactive non-linear narrative. The game investigates the use of failure as an opportunity to learn. Windows of opportunity become a source of curiosity for the player when first encountered. Although a player risks being set back one chapter by taking a window of opportunity, taking a window promises to unveil new possibilities regarding the game space and narrative beyond the loop the game is stuck in, making the windows a driving force behind the game. Upon encountering a window after having tried it, a player is likely to ignore it, giving the game mechanics a foundation of trial-and-error in the search for victory.

Assorted gameplay screenshots.

Typography was distorted in Illustrator to create extruded 3D shapes.

The user interface and logotype were created through a combination of digital and physical drawings.

Skybox swatches, silhouette drawings and concept sketches.

The Restbox was created with a foam base, and a simple Arduino circuit linked to a force-sensitive resistor.

Static Lagoon was created as part of my senior thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design, focusing on decision-making through the medium of videogames.